February 8

Set Up Click Tracking In 1ShoppingCart


Objective: to monitor and track clicks to various web pages and specific links using the ad tracking feature in 1shoppingcart.

STEP 1: Set Tracking Code

  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to Email & Marketing > Ad Trackers > Create New Ad Tracker
  • Enter Campaign Information
    • Campaign Name: Name your campaign
    • Destination URLs: Enter the url(s) of where the user will be directed to
    • Click Save
      Enter campaign information
  • A new page will load showing your new click data as shown below
    Edit campaign
    • Copy Add Track Campaign Link URL as shown by the arrow above
    • Paste the link where you wish it to go or create a redirect using it, then paste the redirect link.

STEP 2: Manage Ad Tracks

  • Navigate to Email & Marketing > Ad Trackers > Manage Ad Trackers
    Manage ad trackers
  • Locate the campaign in your list. If you know the Ad ID, you can conduct a search for it. Otherwise, just scroll through until you find the campaign.
  • View the stats for each campaign
  • Clicking the campaign name will open the same page as the last screenshot listed in Step 1.
    View stats

Note: You can create a new campaign, reset the campaign data, export the data or delete the campaign by putting a check next to the campaign and clicking one of the options located under the Search button as circled above.



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