January 3

Set Up New Campaign in EasyInternet Survey


Objective: To set up a new survey campaign using Easy Internet Survey

Log in at www.easyinternetsurvey.com

  • STEP 1: New Campaign Details

    • Click “New Campaign” to start a new survey campaign.


    • Complete the details of the campaign

      • Survey Type: Choose the survey campaign type

        • This can be a single question, a standard campaign, a custom campaign or other types of surveys

      • Campaign Name: Name your campaign

      • Redirect URL: Enter a redirect URL

        • The page they will be taken to after they complete the survey.

      • Button Label: What you want your button to say. For example, Take Survey Now!

      • Email Notifications: Do you want to be notified each time someone completes the survey?

      • User Information: Do you wish to collect the survey taker’s Name and Email?

      • Autoresponder Message: Do you wish to send an Autoresponder message out with the campaign?

      • Sender Email: Your email address

      • Subject: Subject of the message you wish to send out

      • Email Message

      • External Autoresponder: If you want to set up one

      • Campaign Status: Do you wish to make this campaign active at this time?

    • Once you’ve made your selections, click “Save and Next Step


  • STEP 2: Create Survey Questions

    • Fill in the question details on this page. This will vary depending on what type of survey you chose.

    • Choose the type of input box: How much room do you want to allow for the answer?


    • Click “Save and Next Step” when you are finished.


  • STEP 3: Choose Template

    • Pick which template you want to use; there are four options.

      • Pop-up Standard

      • Pop-up with Audio

      • Full Page Template

      • Just the Form


    • Once you’ve made your selections. Preview your template.

    • If you’re satisfied, click the “ Get HTML Code” button


A pop-up screen will appear with the code you need to add to your website. Paste it into the html code of the page where you’d like the survey questions to appear.

Once you’re finished viewing your results, log out of your account


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