January 24

Setting Up A Squidoo Lens


Objective: to create an account and a page or, as Squidoo calls pages, a lens

    • Click Sign Up


    • Fill in the Form


      • Click inside the text box at the bottom

      • Type the words you see that are written above the text box


      • Click on Terms of Service and read the terms

      • Click inside the box if you accept the Terms of Service


      • Click inside the boxes if you want to receive a daily newsletter and/or weekly tip sheet

    • Click Continue


    • Check Your Email

      • Squidoo sends you an email with instructions to activate your account

      • Follow the instructions in the email message

  • STEP 2: Create a Squidoo Page

    • Click inside the text box

      • Squidoo refers to a page as a lens

      • When you see “Make a Lens” or “Why Have a Lens,” Squidoo is saying “Make a Page” or “Why Have a Page”

    • Type the topic of your page (lens)

      • A topic something that matter to you

      • Examples: “Why You Should Hire Me,” “Online Marketing,” “Starting an Online Business,” etc.

    • Click Go to Step 2


    • Select the option that best describes what you want to do with your page

    • Click Go to Step 3


    • Click in the text box and type a title for your page

      • What you entered as a topic will be in the text box

      • Squidoo suggests that clever page titles make great first impressions

    • Enter the URL for your page.

      • The URL cannot be changed

      • “If you lens is about dashchunds, try adding the word dashchund to the box. If your lens is about making paper airplanes, add paperairplanes to the box.”

      • Squidoo will inform you if the name is already in use by someone else


    • Click the arrow to the right Choose a Topic box

      • Select the category that best describes your topic

    • Click the arrow to the right of the box that rates the content of your page

      • Select the rating that is most appropriate for your page

    • Click Go to Step 4


    • Type some key words that will help people to find your page

      • If someone were using Google, what words might someone use to find your topic?

      • Another name for keywords are tags

      • The keywords are your lens tags (or page tags)


    • Click inside the text box

      • Type the word you see that is to the left of the text box

    • Click Done


  • STEP 3: Add a Bio and Upload a Photo to Your Bio

    • Click Add Your Bio and Picture or

      • Click Edit to the right of My Bio


    • Click in text box for Your Bio

      • Delete the text Squidoo provides

    • Write a short bio of yourself

      • Squidoo allows you to format text

        • B = Bold

        • I = Italics

        • U = Underline

    • Click the box next to Make this your default bio

    • Click Save


    • Click Browse to find a photo to upload

      • Select the folder on your computer that contains the photo you want

      • Select the photo

      • Click Open

    • Click Upload Photo


  • STEP 4: Invite Friends

    • Click My Account


    • Click Invite a Friend


    • Fill in the form

      • Click Add Another if you want to invite more friends


    • Type the message you want to send to your friends or

      • Use the message that Squidoo provides

      • Click Preview Invite Text to see Squidoo’s invitation message

    • Click Send


  • STEP 5: Edit/Add a Page (Lens)

    • Click My Lenses


    • Click Edit

      • Click Create a Lens if you want to add a new page

      • Click Delete is you want to delete a page


    • Click 100000000000002D0000001B6DD7BD08 on a section if you want to make any additions or changes

      • Each section is referred to as a module

    • Click 10000000000000110000001560856DAC to the right of Edit to delete a module

    • Click the up or down arrow to change the order of the module


  • STEP 6: Add a Photo to a Page

    • Click Edit


    • Click Browse

      • Find the folder and photo on your computer that you want to upload

      • Click Open

    • Click Upload Photo


  • STEP 7: Adding Text

    • Click Edit on the Introduction module


    • Click inside the text box for Lens Intro Title

      • Create a title for the introduction

      • Hit Tab

    • Type a description

      • Squidoo allows you to format text

      • B = Bold

      • I = Italics

      • U = Underline

    • Click Save


  • STEP 8: Public Your Page (lens)

    • Click Publish!

  • STEP 9: Exit Squidoo

    • Click Log Out



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