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Setting up a Teleseminar using Free Conference


FreeConference.com allows you to have up to 100 people on the line for free…but participants will have to pay any long distance charges.

  • STEP 1: Book the Call

Go to http://www.FreeConference.com

    • Log in

    • Choose “Schedule” from top menu


    • Choose “Web Scheduled Standard

      • Sometimes you’ll see a warning that you’ve overbooked calls. You can review previous calls to see how many people were on the line.

    • Click “Next” and enter the number of participants you’d like to have


    • Choose the time, taking note of the time zone

      • Set the call to start 15 minutes early so people can get settled and you can start on time.

    • Choose the duration.

      • It’s a good idea to add a little extra time to your call. For example if you want teleseminar to run roughly 60 minutes, schedule it for 85 minutes. This gives an extra 15 minutes before to get settled in and 10 minutes for questions after. If the call goes longer, the service will usually extend it, unless the time is already booked.

*You will receive warnings when you are about to run out of time

    • Hit “Next” & leave the participant access code blank (let them create one)


    • Choose any special settings you want

      • Entry chimes is a good idea so you know when new people come on. Exit chimes can be distracting.

      • You may also want to choose to start with conversation mode, so everyone can say hi.


    • Choose if you want to send out invitations. If you will be creating your own sales page to acquire attendees, it may not be necessary to send invitations too.

    • Set Special Options

      • You’ll be asked about special options like if you want to use a toll-free line or transcription. You can choose the toll-free option if you’d like, but you will pay per minute per participant…so do your calculations first.

    • Review details and hit the confirmation button


An email confirmation will be sent to you with the conference call details. You can log into your account anytime to review the details or make changes before your scheduled time.

  • STEP 2: Organize Recording

    • You can record your own calls using an mp3 recorder and the JK Inline Audio Patch (http://www.jkaudio.com/inline-patch.htm)

    • You could hire someone to record it for you. Dave at http://www.hifiwebguy.com does a great job of recording and editing.

    • Whichever you choose, make sure to give the recorder and the person you are interviewing ORGANIZER/MODERATOR access to the call.


    • Email participants the day of the teleseminar to remind them. Encourage them to come live, so they can ask questions.

    • You might want to allow people to submit questions ahead of time either through email or a survey site such as http://www.askdatabaseonline.com

    • Create a welcoming atmosphere before the call starts. Ask everyone to introduce themselves and keep the chitchat going until start time.

    • When you’re ready to start recording, you’ll want to change the call to “conference” mode so others can’t interrupt and you won’t have excessive background noise.

    • Send out mp3s of the recorded call as soon as they’re ready. People will retain their excitement about the call if you deliver the recordings quickly.

    • Send out transcripts (if you’re having them made) as soon as they’re ready.


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