March 7

Setting up Ad Trackers for Your Affiliate Links

For use with affiliate programs managed by Wahmcart

Ad trackers allow you to set up individual advertising campaigns so that you can get at-a-glance stats on how well that specific campaign or link is doing. You can track how many times each of your tracker links have been clicked, how many orders each one has generated and more.

  • STEP 1: Log into your affiliate account

  • STEP 2: Navigate to Ad Tracking Center

    • Click Track Ads


    • Click Add Tracker


  • STEP 3: Submit Tracker Details

    • Campaign Name: Name the campaign – for your reference only

    • Comments: Enter details about your campaign – are you using it in a holiday promo, a special bonus or on a special page

    • Select Product: Choose the product you want to promote in this campaign

    • Click the Add Tracker button



  • STEP 4: Get Your New Link

Once the tracker is created, the page will redirect back to your dashboard and look like this:


    • Click Link to get your new tracking link as shown above. This will generate the custom tracking link for your new campaign.

    • Copy Tracking Link as shown below and paste it into your website html or other project that you are creating.


  • STEP 5: View Stats

Once your new tracking link has been in place for a while, you can view your stats to see how many visitors, orders, etc have been made through this new campaign.

To do this, simply log back into your account and click Track Ads, then click View Trackers and you’ll see your list of trackers and the stats for each.



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