February 8

Setup Advanced Tracking in 1ShoppingCart


Objective: You may have three different objectives for using this feature.

  1. To track the name and email address of any client who opened a specific HTML email.
  2. To subscribe the client to a new autoresponder.
  3. To see all emails a particular client has previously opened.

STEP 1: Search Tracking

  • Log into your account
  • Navigate to Email & Marketing > Broadcasting > Advanced Tracking
    Advanced tracking

Depending on which you prefer to search:

  • Select the Broadcast using the dropdown arrow. This will tell you which clients opened the email.
  • Enter the Client Email address. This will displace each message that this particular client has opened.
  • Click the Search button

Stats only show on HTML emails. They will not show on plain text.
1SC Advanced Tracking

A list will load below the search options showing your results. See screenshot below
Find subscriberSTEP 2: Subscribe a Client To a New List

To subscribe a client to a new list, simply:

  • Check the box next to the person’s email address
  • Using the drop down list, select the list you wish the person to be added to
  • Click the Subscribe to New AR button




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