February 10

Setup Autoresponder Series In WahmCart


Objective: to set up a series of autoresponder messages using WahmCart.

NOTE: You must already have a list set up before you can do this.

  • STEP 1: Log in to your account at www.WahmCart.com

    • Enter your user name and password

    • Click Login

  • STEP 2: Set Up Message

    • Choose Followup > View List


    • Select List To Receive Message

    • Click Message


    • Select Add Message


Select Format: HTML or Plain Text (default)

    • Enter Message Delay

      • How many days after initial signup will the message be delayed.

    • Enter Subject

      • The First & Last name options ABOVE the subject inserts them into the subject line.

    • Enter message body

      • The First & Last name options ABOVE the body inserts them into the body of the message.


  • STEP 3: Preview & Save Message

    • Click the Preview button to preview your message

      • Clicking the edit button will allow you to edit your message.

    • Once satisfied, click the Save button

If you have more messages to add to this series, repeat the above steps.


autoresponder, Email, WahmCart

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