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Sorting Email With Mailwasher

Objective: Sort email in mailwasher to eliminate unwanted mail before downloading it to your email program.

NOTE: If you don’t have Mailwasher, you can download it here. The free version only works for one email address. If you want to use it for more addresses, you will need to purchase the pro version.

  • STEP 1: Retrieve Mail

    • Open mailwasher and retrieve your mail


  • STEP 2: Sort Mail

    • There are several options to sort with:

      • The date it was received

      • The user’s status, whether it’s from a friend, has been blacklisted, etc

      • From

      • To

      • When Sent

      • …. and more

In the example below we’re sorting by the subject.

You can click any of the column headers at the top and sort according to that header. For example, if you sort by “Status” it will put all the blacklisted senders at the bottom.


    • You can display more columns by right-clicking the column toolbar and clicking “select columns to display”.

    • Add a checkmark next to each column you want to show

    • Adjust the column order by using the up/down arrow (if you wish).


  • STEP 3 Change Status of a User

To update the status of any user/message, simply…

    • Right-click the email in question. A pop-up will appear allowing you to add the specific email address or the entire domain to either the blacklist or your friends list.


  • STEP 4 Process Mail

There are a couple ways to get your email ready for processing.

  1. Go through each email and click the delete box for each one you want to delete (blacklisted emails are automatically set to delete)

  2. From the Email option, choose “Mark All Emails for Deletion” as shown below. Then Uncheck any mail you want to keep. (typically used when you have more spam than legit mail).


Once the you’ve marked all the emails that need to be deleted from your server

  • Click “Process”


All the emails for deletion will be removed from your server.

Once the email has been deleted, you can open up your email program and download only the mail you chose not to delete.


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