February 7

Submit Articles To iSnare


Objective: To submit original articles to iSnare.com for gaining free publicity and traffic to your site.

You must first have created your account and set up your profile!

  • STEP 1: Prepare Article

    • Copy and paste your original article into a text document.

    • Make any adjustments needed.

    • Save the document to your computer.

  • STEP 2: Log In to iSnare

  • STEP 3: Submit Articles

When you log in you should be taken directly to the submit page. If you are not, then you can click Submit Articles in the blue bar


  • STEP 4: Add title

    • In the title box, copy and paste or type your article’s title

  • STEP 5: Select author name

    • When you complete your profile information, this section should already have your name listed.

    • iSnare allows you to add a pen name, if you’d like. Click the [Add] link to include a different name.


    • To select the new name, click the arrow on the dropdown box and click on the name to select it.

  • STEP 6: Select category

    • From the dropdown box, select the category that best fits your article.


  • STEP 7: Add article in body

    • Copy and paste your article into the box marked Body. Edit where needed.

    • Although iSnare does not allow HTML code, you can add the code for italic and bold font. To read more about this, click on the [help] link. You can see this code in action above.

  • STEP 8: Add your byline (About the Author Text)

    • In the next section, add your byline and background info.


    • You may want to add your name, a little about yourself telling the reader why you are an “expert,” and a link to your site where they can find more information that is helpful.

  • STEP 9: Add keywords

    • Add a few keywords or keyword phrases to help search engines and readers find your article.


  • STEP 10: Preview and submit

    • Click the preview button to see how your article will look. You will be taken to a preview screen.

    • From the next screen, you may choose to edit or accept & submit it.

  • STEP 11: Log Out or Add Another

    • You may choose to log out or add another article.

Note: iSnare offers free submissions, which is what we have just done. They also offer a program by which you can buy “distribution credits.” According to the site, when distribution credits are purchased and used, the approved article is sent to 50-100+ article distribution lists.

When you purchase credits, you will have an option at the top of the page (at step 3 above) asking if you want to use one of your distribution credits. Tick the box if you do.


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