February 10

Submit Articles To Online Directories


Objective: To gain free publicity through submitting articles to online directories

  • STEP 1: Write your article or press release

    • When writing, remember that articles should be informative not self-serving. If your article sounds, too much like an advertisement it will be rejected

    • Save in whatever format you wish.

  • STEP 2: Remove Formatting

    • Do not copy/paste from MS Word into the article directory. Word contains hidden formatting that may cause your content to be rejected. Instead, paste into notepad first. See Outsourcing Sweetie strategies area for more details.

    • Paste the article into Notepad to remove all formatting. Some formatting can be added back at the directory location.

  • STEP 3: Submit Articles

    • Assuming you have already registered for an account at the article directory site, log in to your account. This example is using EzineArticles.com


    • Select New Article


    • Select options and paste in article details

    1. Using the drop-down option, select the category for the article

    2. Enter the article title

    3. Enter keywords related to the article

    4. Technorati Tags: ,

      Enter the article summary


    1. Enter the body of the article. This site allows certain formatting within the article, bold, italicized, underlined, etc. Use the allowed html tags to create the look you want.


    1. Enter your signature/bio in the resource box

    2. Agree to the terms

    3. Select spell check (optional)

    4. Preview your article (optional)

    5. To save without submitting, select Save Changes

    6. To submit, select Submit this Article


  • TIPS

  1. Lines should wrap at approximately 65-character length. DO NOT use hard carriage returns. This site has a text formatter that will help you wrap your text. http://www.web-source.net/bfm/textformatter.htm (you may be required to register for an account)

  2. Article titles are usually limited to 100 characters and cannot be ALL CAPS.

  3. Ideal article length is between 300 and 700 words.

  4. Your bio or author resource should be roughly 50 – 100 words and have no more than two links. You may want to have both a longer and more condensed version on hand to save time when submitting.

  5. Most directories do not allow links in the article body. Save those for your bio.

  6. When typing hyperlinks, be sure to include the entire URL (http://…) to ensure the link is activated. You can also create an anchor link using html like this <a href=http://www.YOURSITE.com>The Words You Want Linked</a>

  7. Articles should be informative not self-serving. If your article sounds, too much like an advertisement it will be rejected.

  8. Many sites require a two to three sentence summary of the article. Many people copy word-for-word the first part of their article. We recommend making it a bit different and more compelling as this is what will first be viewed in the directories.

  • Recommended Article Directories and the Topics They Accept:

Article Submission Sites Topics

EzineArticles.com All

GoArticles.com All

ArticleDashboard.com All

SearchWarp.com All

ArticlesBase.com All

iSnare.com * All

SelfGrowth.com Self Improvement (relationships, health, finance, etc)

Buzzle.com All

ArticleCity.com All

IdeaMarketers.com All

ArticleAlley.com All

SelfSEO.com Search Engine Optimization

Amazines.com All

ArticleTrader.com All

WebWorldIndex.com SEO / Site Ranking / Traffic

ArticleSphere.com All

BusinessKnowHow.com Business Topics – must be in “how to” format

PromotionWorld.com SEO / Marketing / Traffic

ArticlesFactory.com All

ContentDesk.com All

ArticleCube.com All

ArticleBiz.com All

* Recommended to purchase “submission credits” to get articles posted quicker


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