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How To Add A Product To PayPal Shopping Cart

Objective: To accept payments directly from your website using the PayPal shopping cart. STEP 1: Log in to PayPal Assuming you already have a merchant or premier account with PayPal, log in to your account. STEP 2: Click the Merchant Services tab STEP 3: Choose the...

How To Mass Pay Affiliates With PayPal

Objective: To pay all affiliates with a single upload of a tab-delimited file into PayPal. Note: You must have a Premier or Business account at PayPal. This training sheet assumes you already have that set up. If you do not, you can sign up for one at

Download PayPal History To QuickBooks

Objective: To download your PayPal accounting history into your QuickBooks program for easy financial recording. STEP 1: Log in to PayPal Go to Choose the Personal or Business account tab (the type account you have) Enter your username & password...