February 15

Track Changes Made In Microsoft Word


Objective: to turn tracking feature on and off, see what the document looks like when changes are made, and learn to approve changes made by someone else.

  • STEP 1: Open Microsoft Word

    • Click on Microsoft Word shortcut or

      • Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Word

  • STEP 2: Open a New File

    • Click File

    • Select Open

    • Click on the file you want to review


  • STEP 3: Turn Track Changes On

    • Click Tools

    • Select Track Changes

      • After selecting Track Changes, the Reviewing Toolbar will be visible.


    • Turn Track Changes On Using the Reviewing Toolbar

      • Click Track Changes icon

      • The Track Changes icon is highlighted when ON

  • STEP 4: Make Changes

    • Added text has red font color

    • A black bar appears in left margin at each line a change is made10000000000001550000001C38A30119

    • Deleted text appears in white box in right margin


  • STEP 5: Add a Comment

    • Place cursor were you want to make a comment

      • next to text you want to comment about or

      • at the position on the document you want to make a suggestion or observation

    • Click New Comment icon on Reviewing Toolbar

      • A shaded box appears in right margin

    • Type your comments in the shaded box


  • STEP 6: Approve Changes Made by Someone Else

    • Approve Added Text

      • Select the text that was changed


      • Click the arrow next to Accept Change

        • Notice the Accept Change icon has a check mark

      • Select Accept Change

        • The red font color will change to black

    • Approve Deleted Text

      • Click inside the Deleted box

      • Click the arrow next to Accept Change

      • Select Accept Change

        • The Deleted box and the red line will disappear

    • Comment

      • Click inside the Comment

      • Right Click your mouse

      • Select Delete Comment

  • STEP 7: Reject Changes Made by Someone Else

    • Added Text

      • Select the text that was added


      • Click the arrow next to Reject Change

        • Notice the Reject Change icon has a red X

      • Select Reject Change

        • The text will be deleted

    • Deleted Text

      • Click inside the Deleted box

        • Click the arrow next to Reject Change

        • Select Reject Change

          • The original text will be restored

      • If you replaced the text when you originally deleted it, follow the procedure above to reject the change of added text.

  • STEP 8: Turn Off Track Changes

    • Click Tools

    • Select Track Changes


    • Turn Track Changes Off Using the Reviewing Toolbar

      • Click Track Changes icon

        • It is not necessary to turn Track Changes off before saving file after you’ve made changes.

      • The icon is plain when OFF.

  • STEP 9: Save Changes

    • Click File

    • Select Save or

      • Save As if you want to save file using a different name

  • STEP 10: Exit Microsoft Word

    • Click File

    • Select Exit

Additional Information

  • Cannot See Changes After Opening File

    • Click View

    • Select Markup

  • Finding Changes in Document

    • Click Next on the Reviewing Toolbar to find the next change

      • Click the icon to the left to find the previous change

  • Turn On/Off Review Pane

    • Click Review Pane on Reviewing Toolbar

      • Highlighted when on

      • Plain when off

  • Review Pane

    • A window will open at the bottom of your screen. Inside the window are the following:

      • Change made

        • Comment

        • Inserted text

        • Deleted text

      • Date and time of change



editing, Microsoft, Word, wordprocessor

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