February 7

Using Time Stamp


Objective Learn Basics of Time Stamp

  1. Open Time Stamp

    1. Click Time Stamp Short Cut


  • Once Opened you will see a screen like this


  1. Set Hourly Charge Rate

    1. Click Tools

    2. Click Set Default Hourly Charge Rate


    1. Enter Amount you will be charging

    2. Click Ok


  1. Starting Timer

    1. Click small timer clock to start timer

    2. 200000070000032F0000039BB68DBE71 Once you click on the timer button you will notice that the timer is running. You can see two places where it is running.


      1. Right Hand corner red button that says TIMING

      2. Also you will see time date and timer running


      1. To start and stop the timer all you have to do is click the small clock 200000070000032F0000039BB68DBE71

        1. When you have stopped the timer you will see two places were the timer has been stopped

          1. Right Hand corner green stop button

          2. Below in the stats column


  1. Adding Notes

    1. Double Click NOTES column

      1. Insert Text

      2. Click Ok


        1. You will see the text you entered circled in red below


  1. 200000070000039B000003D1C178AB21 =Slacker button (used when you have stopped what you are doing for just a few minutes)

    1. Click to start and stop

  1. Edit Tasks

    1. Click to bring up the Edit Task Record

    2. Make Edits Click Ok


  1. Saving Work

    1. Click Save Button

      1. Find Folder

        1. Give File Name

          1. Click Save


If you are working on the same project or one client that you are keeping track of your hours you can keep opening this time stamp up and continue working down the line


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