July 6

How To Create Web 2.0 Graphics Using GIMP


This seven part video tutorial will familiarize you with GIMP, an opensource (free) graphic editing software and also walk you through the simple steps to take to create attractive Web 2.0 graphics. While this resource is more graphic design than technical, in our experience, a little graphic skill can help fill in the gaps or to quickly put something up when working on a site. Click the links below to start viewing the videos.

01 Introduction to GIMP (5:29)

02 GIMP Features And Tools (5:02)

03 How To Make Web 2.0 Glossy Buttons (8:42)

04 Making Web 2.0 Style Shadows and Reflections (7:42)

05 Create Web 2.0 Badges (5:11)

06 Create Web 2.0 Text Logo With Reflection (3:22)

07 Create Header With Stripes (8:32)


gimp, graphics, web2

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