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Wishlist Install Checklist


Objective: Get Wishlist Member plugin installed on your web site

A. Gather Your Tools

  1. Download Wishlist Member plugin. Once you purchase the plugin, you will receive a login where you can download the plugin and license key information. Save the plugin to your computer and unzip the plugin to your computer. 
  2. Grab the license key data. You will need that later.
  3. Download and install an FTP software if you don’t have one already. FileZilla (a free, open source software) is used in this tutorial.
  4. Get your web host’s FTP login information. This information will consist of three items. The ‘host’ or domain name, user name and password.

B. Upload and Install Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member does not recommend installing their software via WordPress admin since much of it is encrypted and can cause issues. On occasion, we have successfully installed it that way. It is likely due to a friendly server configuration. For best results, standard FTP upload method is recommended.

Launch your favorite FTP software and set the transfer type to Binary mode. This step if of utmost importance.

Connect to your web host.

  1. Enter your domain or host name. Please ask your web host if uncertain
  2. Enter your FTP user name
  3. Enter your FTP password
  4. Click Quickconnect to connect
Locate the plugins folder

After getting connected, navigate to the plugins folder on the right panel. Depending on your web host, the first folder (1) may be public_html, www or httpdocs. The plugins folder is always located inside the wp-content folder.  Once you find it keep the right panel opened in the plugins folder.

In the left panel, locate the unzipped copy of Wishlist Member. Please note, your folder name will be different. We like to attach version numbers to our folders for easier management. This should not affect the plugin install. Simply click (once) to select the folder.

Once you select the folder to upload, in FileZilla you can either right click on the folder to upload or drag and drop to the right panel. Important! Make sure you are in the plugins folder on the right panel (your web host)

Upload will begin automatically. Give it a couple of minutes to upload completely.

C. Activate Wishlist Member

Upon successful upload of the plugin, you may log out of FTP and close FileZilla. In your web browser, log in to your site’s WordPress using an admin level account. Once there, click on Plugins in the left hand menu. You’ll find a full list of plugins currently on your site. Find Wishlist Member in the list then click the Activate link.

Upon successful activation, you will see a plugin activated message on the top and a new menu named “WL Plugins”

Click on the new WL Plugins link in the menu. You will be asked to enter your Wishlist Member license key. Do that and click Save Wishlist Product Key.

Once your key is entered, your screen will change to something that looks like the image below. Installation successful. You are now ready to configure and move on to your next step.


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