February 13

Wishlist Member Explained


On this page you will find the recordings and resources for the Wishlist Member Explained class.

Working Files

  • [S3 bucket=m.techbasedtraining.com/easywlm text=Sample text for system pages]system-pages.txt[/S3] (text version)
  • [S3 bucket=m.techbasedtraining.com/easywlm text= All pages and basic posts for initial membership site setup ]wlm-membership-pages.xml[/S3] (WordPress Importer version). Right click and save as to download. Use this to quickly setup system pages, dashboard and any other pages using WordPress import feature. This may include some residual content from the class so make sure you check the pages before going live. You have to edit them to ensure your pages and instructions make sense to members anyhow 🙂


membership, Wishlist, WordPress

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