March 21

aMember Partner Notification Plugin


With this plugin, an email will be sent out each time a member signs up to a new subscription or cancels their subscription in aMember. This can be useful if you need to keep partners in the loop.

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download to your computer and unzip file contents to your hard drive.
  2. Upload the partner_notification folder to your aMember site, making sure to put it in the /plugins/protect folder
  3. Log in to your aMember administrator screen. Click Setup/Configuration
  4. Click on Plugins at the top menu
  5. Check the box next to partner_notification under Protection Plugins. Save
  6. You will see a new link called “Partner Notification” on the top menu. Click that
  7. Enter the email address you’d like email notifications to be sent. If you have more than one address, separate them with a comma.


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