August 26

aMember Power Series: phpBB Forum Access


This page contains the video tutorials and related resources for the aMember Power Series: phpBB Forum training module. To watch the videos, click the links below.

01 How to get and upload the phpBB plugin to aMember (3:21)

02 Creating a database for phpBB and uploading forum files (8:54)

03 Alternative, quicker file upload method (6:17)

04 Installing phpBB (6:17)

05 Should you protect the forum folder? (2:36)

06 Removing the install folder (1:26)

07 Activating phpBB plugin in aMember (6:47)

08 Configure phpBB aMember plugin (6:47)

09 Setting up the forum for single level membership (11:00)

10 Setting up the forum for multi-level membership (14:21)



aMember, phpbb

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