January 6

Quick Membership Site Setup Kit
aMember Power Series


Want To Setup An Adaptable Membership Site By Tonight?

If you want a membership site that is more than just protected download pages, one that can grow with you,  aMember is a good choice. Powerful, highly flexible and capable of a lot of more than private pages. Because it is so customizable, there can be a learning curve. Thankfully, it isn’t rocket science once you grasp how it ‘thinks’. But you don’t have time for all that. You wanted the site up and running… yesterday.

Guess what? You can build an aMember powered membership site very quickly and painlessly, with just a little guidance from an experienced user.

For years, we have developed aMember sites for clients but we didn’t stop there. We also managed those sites for our clients. That gives us the unique perspective of being developer and long term user. Much of our knowledge of the system and membership sites in general, come from helping clients solve real life problems. It is through this experience and seeing the frustration of many that led us to develop this. It is not just a training guide, it is a setup kit and it includes…

  • A membership site framework. Building a membership site requires a lot more planning for behind the scenes stuff than any old website. An general map of what your membership levels are, who has access to what content and other issues need to be hashed out before creating a single web page. This framework is the blueprint your membership is built upon. Without it, you’ll spend days, even weeks figuring out and reminding yourself how each piece fits together. Save yourself the confusion.
  • An solidly designed HTML membership template. Don’t let the simplicity of a template fool you. A huge part of a well designed and effective membership site is how you set up your content. While the quality and quantity of your content plays a big role, you need to make it easy for people to find their way around the members’ area too. Together with the framework, the template is one of the main tools that will get your site up and running faster so you can start making money.
  • Detailed, yet simple video instructions recorded using everyday English so you won’t be confused with jargon or information you don’t need to know. The videos are recorded in succinct, easy to watch chunks and we don’t overwhelm you by going down rabbit holes to explore features and functions you don’t need. The videos are singularly focused on getting the site ready to add content and accepting members, quickly so you can bring in more recurring income.

This resource is perfect for someone who knows the basics of how to build simple HTML web pages. You don’t need to know how to develop a web application, but some HTML knowledge like knowing how to create links, how and where to upload web pages will definitely come in handy.

Don’t postpone your dream of having a recurring stream of income. You can get it all set up – tonight for only $24.97 and enjoy more steady income by the end of the week. Add this kit to the cart and complete the checkout.

Quick clarification: This is not a kit for WordPress + aMember setup.

Get your training for a super low price of only $24.97
This price can change at any time. Get it today to avoid disappointment.



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