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Blog Theme Bootcamp Access


This page contains all lesson and related resources for the Blog Theme Bootcamp module. Lessons are in PDF format. Right click and save as to download each lesson individually or click the zipped package below to download all lessons at once. Note, the comprehensive zip package is rather hefty. Please be patient when downloading.

01 Tools of The Blog Theme Developer Trade
02 Setting Up Your Development Blog
03 PHP Basics
04 Converting An HTML Template Into PHP
05 Common Problems & Where We Are Heading
06 Acquainting Ourselves With WordPress Tags
07 Developing header.php
08 Developing footer.php
09 Developing sidebar.php
10 Developing index.php
11 Tackling The Featured Content Area Part 1
12 Tackling The Featured Content Area Part 2
13 Using Firebug: A Crash Course
14 Developing single.php & comments.php
15 Versioning
16 Phase Two Development
17 Archive.php & 404.php
18 Cleaning Up
19 Using Help Desks For Customer Support
20 Widgetizing Your Theme
21 Packaging Your Theme
22 Installing WordPress In A Different Folder
23 Do Almost Anything With Conditional Tags
24 Page Templates
25 Moving WordPress
26 Custom Author Archives
27 Custom Tags Archives
28 Displaying Full Sized Images Inside Your Theme
29 Image Alignment
30 Case Study: Tag Position Matters
31 Tag Parameters & Options
32 Managing Multiple Blogs
33 Ramp Up Your Productivity
34 Case Study 2: Different Sidebars For Different Categories Limitations
35Backup To Be Safe & Increase Your Profits
36 Common IE Problems And How To Fix Them
37 Creative Page Template Uses
38 Frequently Used Plugins
39 Bonus: CSS Basics
40 Child Themes
41 phpMyAdmin
42 Making Mobile Friendly Sites
43 Keeping Themes Compatible With Latest WP Versions
44 Re-designing Established Blogs
45 Mass Re-direction From Old Blog To New
46 Securing WordPress
47 In Conclusion

Complete package – all lessons


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