January 8

Blog Theme Bootcamp


Would You Thumb Your Nose At A Skill
That Can Help You Make A Cushy Living?

Of course not. Learning to build your own WordPress themes is a very valuable skill. Here’s why.

    • Once you understand how a theme is pieced together, you will accelerate your output when customizing other people’s theme. No longer be afraid of messing things up and because you understand it better, you can find parts you need to edit quicker.
    • You no longer need to turn down work because you do not know how transport a client’s existing design into WordPress. This type of work currently pays as much as $450 and up per project. You don’t have take my word for it. Google it.
    • Clients like to work with people they already know and trust. The more services you can offer, the more you are worth to your clients and clients who value you highly will always come back with more or consistent work.
    • Go beyond customizing other people’s themes. One of the problems with service providers who offer customization work only is their work tends to be cookie cutter. Take a look at their portfolio and you will see they are all based on color and simple layout variations of a premium theme. Some premium themes are so popular that after a while no matter how much you customize, they all look the same. Clients do not like to pay good money to have their site have the same look and feel of others. They want exclusivity. The more variety you have in your portfolio, the better chance you get hired because clients know you can take their idea and run with it, not retrofitting it into an overused design.

  • It is another way for you to build passive income. So often, people make the mistake of thinking passive income has to be from creating an information product. Absolutely not true at all. Any digital product can be a source of passive income. Just take a look at the many premium WordPress themes out in the market. These designers are building passive income and so can you by creating, marketing and supporting your own premium theme.

Now you know, and would like to proceed and develop this new skill, your next step is to dive right into the Blog Theme Bootcamp. This is a comprehensive resource divided into 47 bite-sized lessons. Each lesson is written in an easy to read format that you can consume in 15 to 30 minutes and we explain all the technical stuff big and small in every step. This was very important to us when creating the bootcamp. We know building themes can be scary. That’s why we took time to deliberate on key technical issues like PHP. By the time you finish the bootcamp, you will know how to ‘read’ a theme like a book. As one student who took this said, “…this techie stuff is not so scary [after all]…

This course will take you through basic stuff like what tools you need, how to set up your own testing and development ‘playground’ on your own computer, how to transfer a static HTML template into the first building blocks of a WordPress theme, how to embellish the theme, package it for distribution, tips, tricks and solutions based on our own trial and errors, backing up, using child themes, securing WordPress and a whole lot more.

Who is this for? To effectively build a theme, a designer uses many skills. You don’t need to be a graphic artist or a PHP pro, but without a doubt, a little bit of website building knowledge is assumed in this course.

If you are already there, this is the next logical step upwards. Get good at this and you could pay your mortgage with just two template conversion projects.

Get your training for a super low price of only $128 $98
This price can change at any time. Get it today to avoid disappointment.


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