April 16

cPanel Training


This page contains all the videos and related resources for the cPanel Training. To watch the videos, click the video link. A popup will appear. Click the play button to start the video.

01 Overview of what the training will cover (9:32)

02 Where to find more cPanel video tutorials free (2:49)

03 How to create MySQL database and insert table in MySQL table using phpMyAdmin (5:52)

04 How to use Awstats and apply it to your business (5:15)

05 What is Fantastico and how to use it (4:23)

06 How to set up error page and a redirect (5:13)

07 How to Disable your indexes with your Index System (2:40)

08 What is Cronjob and when to use it (3:56)

09 How to use File Manager effectively (10:45)

10 Email Authentication (3:14)

11 How to Backup your websites and how to restore them (7:10)

The following three videos are meant for people who have dedicated servers, some reseller accounts depending on the host may also allow you to do these.

12 How to move files from one server to another server (4:07)

13 How to block people / IP Addresses from your server (3:28)

14 Turn on your SPF to protect your email from spammer (4:34)


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