October 6

Create Domain Cname Entry in WHM

Creating and editing your domain cname entries is useful when you want to use a third party service like Google Apps and FeedBurner’s MyBrand and have the URL be on your own domain. The result is something like mail.yourdomain.com points to GoogleApps mail (Gmail) and feeds.yourdomain.com instead of feeds.feedburner.com for your RSS feeds.

Requirements: You must have WebHostManager (WHM) access. Typically, if you have a reseller account, you would have access to WHM.

Scope: This tutorial is only for WebHostManager

How to:

  1. Log in to your WHM interface.
  2. Look for DNS functions on the right panel. Click on it.
    WHM dns functions
  3. Find and click Edit DNS Zone. Alternatively, you can also jump straight to Edit DNS Zone by looking it up on the left panel of WHM.
  4. On the Edit dns zone screen find the domain name you want to create the Cname on. Select by clicking on the name, press edit.
  5. Scroll towards the bottom. In the Add new entries boxes. Type the name you want to use. For example if you want to use feeds.yourdomain.com, enter feeds in the first box.
  6. Select CNAME in the drop down. A new box will appear to the right of CNAME.
  7. Enter the feeds.feedburner.com. or ghs.google.com.
  8. When satisfied you have entered the correct information, press Save. You should see a message that says Zone Modified!.
  9. Done. Log out of WHM. It may take up to 24 hours for your new domain or sub-domain to resolve to the service. Example Google Apps or FeedBurner’s MyBrand.


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