March 14

CSS Quickstart Access


Here are all your training materials, sandbox access, bonuses and other information you will need. There’s a lot in here so make sure you read the instructions for each area.

Video Lessons, Lesson Highlights and Homework.

You get all of the lessons for the 4 weeks all at once. That way if you already know the more basic stuff you can move ahead without having to wait. How you work through it is up to you. You can work them week by week as organized or you can do several weeks in one or two weeks. What is important to remember is, you will only have access to the Sandbox for 4 weeks from the date you signed up.

Regardless how often you do your homework during these 4 weeks, if you have a question about something, you get stuck or want us to check your home work, simply post in your private forum area and we will discuss there.

Videos are in MP4 format and Windows Media Player may not play them. The best player (and we use it constantly to play just about any media file) is VLC. It is free and you can download it here. The downloads are large so do be patient.

[S3 text=Week 1][/S3]
[S3 text=Week 2][/S3]
[S3 text=Week 3][/S3]
[S3 text=Week 4][/S3]
[S3 text=Fun With Lists Video Lesson And Lesson Highlights][/S3]
[S3 text=Using Firebug Video Lesson][/S3]
[S3 text=Quickstart Resources and cheat sheets][/S3]
[S3 text=Sandbox Files][/S3]


Download Macro Marketer Software
Macro Marketer Software User Manual
Download Instruction Video – how to get set up to use the CSS Macro shortkeys
CSS Macro Shortkey List

Sandbox Access

Your coaching comes with a sandbox site where you can practice to your heart’s content without having to set things up on your own web site and you also won’t have to worry about breaking anything here. This is your ‘play’ area. This information is set up manually for each student so it will take us at least 24 hours to have it ready for you. If you do not see the FTP access information below after 24 hours (and it is not a weekend) go ahead and send us a support ticket.

Your Personalized FTP information

[usrftp id=98 u=angela p=u1LSeB98] [usrftp id=95 u=edna p=newton] [usrftp id=69 u=gillian p=Cs7FIv6H]

Access to the Sandbox will be available for the full 4 weeks. After that, we will clear it out for new students. If you want to save your work, make sure you log in via FTP to download them to your computer.

Private Coaching Forum Access

Click to access the forum

The forum consists of two portions. One is the general forum open to all CSS Quickstart students. The other is the private forum. Private forums also need to be created manually. Give us about 24 hours to set you up (during work days. May take longer during weekends).

Use your private forum access well! This is where you get direct and priority access to the teachers and you will only have that for four weeks from the time you signed up. After that, you won’t be able to post anymore. You can however still post to the general forum that is more of a peer-to-peer support. While we will step in to help, it will not be on a priority basis.

Click to access the forum


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