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Filter E-mail to Folders in Outlook


Objective: Learn to filter emails to designated folders

Step 1: Open Outlook

  • Double Click On Outlook

Step 2: Open Tools

  • Select tools

  • Select Rules and Alerts…

Outlook 1

Step 3: Rules and Alerts Window

  • All your rules will appear in the window below

  • Click on New Rules Button

Outlook 2

Step 4: Select Template

  • Out of the list pick which template you want for this rule

  • Click on people or distribution list

Outlook 3

Step 5: Rule Address

  • Choose an email you want to use for this rule

  • Double click on that email address

  • Once it shows up in the from section at the bottom

  • Click Ok

Outlook 4


Step 6: Select Folder

  • Click on specified (circled in red)

  • Choose which folder you want these emails to go into

  • Click Ok

 Outlook 5

Step 7: Double check

  • Double check that you are applying this rule to messages from

  • And that these messages will go into the correct folder

  • Click Ok

 Outlook 6

Step 8: Select Conditions

  • Condition window appears

  • Check which conditions you want to apply to this rule

  • Click Next

Outlook 7

Step 9: Select action

  • Put a check mark in all actions you want to happen to this email when it comes into your email account

  • Click Next

Outlook 8

Step 10: Exceptions

  • Select any exceptions you want for this rule

  • Click Next

Outlook 9

Step 11: Finish Rule

  • Give your rule a name

  • Make sure turn on this rule is checked

  • Click FInished

Outlook 10

Now that you have this done all emails coming in from that email address will go straight to the designated folder therefore not cluttering up your inbox and keeping your emails much more organized.


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