December 11

How To Add & Check Google Analytics Code


Objective: To use Google Analytics to help track your website and traffic stats.

This is assuming you already have a Google Analytics account set up. If you don’t, you can sign up from this page:

  • STEP 1: Log into your account

You will see your account dashboard as shown below.

  • STEP 2: Create Profile

  • Click Add Website Profile as circled above

  • Fill in website details

  • Select whether you want to add a new domain or a profile to an existing domain (sub-domains, certain pages, etc)

  • Enter the URL of the site you wish to start tracking

  • Select your country or territory

  • Select your time zone

  • Click Continue

You will be taken to a page and given a GATC (Google Analytics Tracking Code) as shown below.


  • STEP 3: Copy & Paste

  • Copy all the code in the Legacy Tracking Code box.

  • Log into the website you just created this code for

  • Place the code directly before the </body> tag of EACH page you wish to track.

  • Save your page & log out of your website

  • STEP 4: Check Stats

Once the code has been on your site a while, you can go in and check the stats. How busy the site traffic is, will determine how many stats you have. For our example, we just added the code recently therefore we don’t have many stats. To check stats:

  • Visitors – Page Views – Page Visits – Bounce Rate – Average time on site – Percentage of new visitors – Location of visitors – Individual page visits and Traffic sources.

  • Simply click any of the blue hyperlinks to view stats


For example:

To view total visits per day, simply click Visits listed under Site Usage and you will see these stats.


Or clicking View Report listed under the Traffic Sources Overview will give you stats on referring sites, direct traffic, search engines and show you keywords used in the search:



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