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How to Post a Job on


Objective: to outsource projects so that you will have more time to work on your business and marketing

STEP 1: Select Post Your Project at

STEP 2: Select the Main Skill Category for Your Project

  • Read the list and select the category that best describes your project.

Select category

STEP 3: Select Primary Skill Category

  • After selecting the Main Skill Category in Step 2, a second column appears on your screen.

  • From this second list of categories, select the Primary Skill Category that best describes your project.

Select skill category

STEP 4: Describe Your Project

  • Create a title for your project.

  • Keep it simple, to the point.

  • Professionals will see the title before they read the description.

  • Write a description of your project.

    • This is the most important part of the project posting.

    • Include the following:

      • what you need to have done

      • background on your organization

      • reason for the project

      • when project needs to be started and finished

      • size of project (i.e., words, pages, quantity, etc.)

Part A

  • Upload any relevant files that you think would be helpful.

  • Select from the drop-down menu the range that best works within your budget.

  • Scroll down to Part B.

Estimated project budget

  • Select the primary skill needed.

    • Select from the drop-down menu the skill that most closely matches your need.

  • Select a maximum of 2 additional skills.

    • Click in the box next to the skill needed to select it.

Primary skill

  • Select preferred industry experience.

    • Select from the drop-down menu which industry you prefer the professional has work experience.

  • Write other skills needed.

    • If there are skills you need that are not already listed, write them in the box.

    • Separate each skill with a comma.

  • Scroll down to Part C.

Industry experience

  • Select location specification.

    • There are four choices. Click on one.

    • If the professional needs to work at your place of business or attend meetings, choose a local area.

      • There are two choices for local area:

        • city/state

        • ZIP code area

      • Use the additional options to narrow your search.


  • Enter the name and email address of the contact person for the project.

  • Click Continue.

Contact information

  • Select if this project will be open to public bidding or private invitation.

    • If any qualified professional can bid on the project select Public-Open to Vendors and Freelancers.

    • If only businesses with multiple employees can bid select Public-Open to Vendors Only.

    • If you want to invite certain professionals to bid on your project select Private-Invitation Only.

  • Click Continue or scroll down to Parts E and F to add additional information.

    • If you click Continue, go to Step 5.

Project visibility

  • Add optional information.

    • Select if project must be completed onsite at your place of business or offsite at the professionals place of business.

    • Enter the city, state, and ZIP code for your place of business if work is to be completed onsite.

  • From the drop-down menu, select the number of days your project will be available to accept bids from professionals.

  • Select an hourly rate you will pay, if applicable.

Allow pros

  • Write questions you would like addressed in the proposal.

    • The questions are a screening method to help you quickly identify which professionals do not have the skills needed to work on the project.

    • Answers to the questions can also give you an idea how the professional might be able to help you.

    • Examples of questions include:

      • What experience do you have…

      • How would you…

Questions for Professionals

STEP 5: Confirm Project Details

  • Review the project details.

  • Click Modify Project Details to make changes.

  • Click Post Project Now if you are ready to post your project.

Confirm project details


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