August 9

Kayako Nuts & Bolts Access


Ready to jump right into your Kayako training? You’re in the right place. All the training videos are listed below. Click the links to launch the player and begin watching. Don’t forget to scroll down! Related resources are found towards the bottom.

Video Training

01 – How to install Kayako self-hosted segment 1

02 – How to install Kayako self-hosted segment 2

03 – How to install Kayako self-hosted segment 3

04 – Setting up your master email

05 – Master email appendix

06 – Setting up emails, departments and CRON jobs (automatic email retrieval)

07 – CRON: What a successful retrieve looks like

08 – Setting up emails and departments on hosted versions

09 – Setting up staff accounts, department assignments and permissions

10 – Responding and managing support tickets

11 – Using and setting up knowledge base and troubleshooter

12 – Using the news feature

13 – Branding: Customizing the design to match your brand

14 – Branding: Customizing email templates and text

Code Snippets

When setting up CRON jobs, different servers require different commands depending on what is installed on the server and also the permissions. Very often you will have to try different commands before hitting on one that actually works. These are some you can try. Make sure to replace the URL to the parser with your own.
WGET method

wget -O /dev/null

GET Method


PHP Method. This version does not use a regular URL. You need to know the path to the parser as in the example below. You can also review video #6 to check

php /home/username/public_html/


 Setup Material Checklist – use this to make sure you have all the tools, logins, data and info you need to begin work. You can also pass this along to clients to help them gather the information you need.


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