August 10

Kayako Nuts & Bolts


Get A Handle On Those Overflowing Emails
And Become The Kayako Help Desk Ace
Your Clients Rely On

Used by organizations like ICANN, SEGA, HTC, Warner Brothers and many marketers online РKayako is a popular support ticket solution. The down side Рit can be complex and confusing.

Clients need your help getting it done

Most business owners simply want a ready to use help desk so they can begin providing their customers great service immediately. They need someone who understands Kayako to help them implement the system and instruct their customer support team.

They need a service provider like you and this Kayako Nuts & Bolts training can help you become that go to person.

Real Life Training

In the training, you’ll watch how we set up a real help desk for a real organization. We’ll take you through every step and action to do with:

  • Installing Kayako on your own servers
  • Troubleshooting errors and problems as we encounter them so you know what to do to when a problem crops up
  • Setting up email addresses and department routing for each of those emails
  • Setting up the help desk on self-hosted and hosted versions
  • Handling, responding and managing help tickets
  • Branding the help desk design and email response templates
  • And more
Kayako Nuts & Bolts Screen Shot
In short, a complete walk through from set up to branding and design. But that’s not all.

Tips & Gotchas Picked Up Only From Experience

In our many years of experience handling Kayako issues for our clients, we also added lots of golden nuggets along the way like:
  • Things to watch out for to ensure emails aren’t ignored and actually make it into the ticket system
  • How to use handy automation features to reduce your team’s customer support load
  • Effective ways to route customers so they won’t hit brick walls at every end and get frustrated using the help desk
  • Where and how to find information that can help in the event of a dispute or legal action
  • Tips how to shave precious time during setup and testing so you don’t lose money on the project

Valuable Skill

The great news is, not many people can set up Kayako let alone have an understanding how it works to help these businesses. This puts you in the wonderful position of being the one whom they turn to and won’t mind paying good money for your help either. The sooner you grasp Kayako the better.

Don’t wait till a client asks and you have to scramble to learn. The job won’t turn out right. Get the training now so you and your team can begin offering this valuable service and wow your clients today.

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Price: $39. Pro members get it for 39 points

*ICANN, SEGA, HTC, Warner Brothers and Kayako are trademarks owned by the respective companies who have no affiliation with us nor is this an endorsement of and its products

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