April 1

Overnight Affiliate Center Access


This page contains all the materials and related resources for the Overnight Affiliate Center Kit. Right click and save as to download. Detailed instructions are included in the PDF.


Setup package – includes WordPress, theme, plugins, content and all the magic to make the site set itself up.

Installation guide. Do take a moment to read this. It contains important information.


We like giving generous licenses because others have been equally generous to us. The most important part you have to remember is, the icons included in the theme are mostly open source. We ask you to take the time to review and respect each designer’s terms when proceeding with any project. As for the content portion, keep in mind, the license allows you to install on as many sites as you wish, tied to your service but you cannot extract and re-package them to sell stand alone. If you wish to do that, we suggest purchasing a license here and consider joining All Resell Content or Special Report Club Resell PLR.


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Force cPanel Password Reset
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