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Rapid Wishlist Membership Site Development Access


This page contains all lesson and related resources for Rapid Wishlist Membership Site Development. Lessons are in Video format. Some resources are in PDF. Click the links to begin watching the videos. For PDF’s, right click and save as to download.

A Message From The Trainer

As a service provider myself, I am keenly aware that every moment we spend learning is lost billable time. Yet, we still need to learn new things, keep our skills updated and sharpened. For this particular course, I have chosen not to create a long and lengthy introduction video so you get to learning and applying quickly. The run time of each video is also in brackets so you can know ahead, how much time you have to invest and use it to better work around your schedule.

As with any course, it is always best to begin from the first lesson (top to bottom) because they are built upon each other – well, sort of. When you can spend more time reviewing the videos, I encourage you to go through them in sequence. If not, you can certainly jump directly to the video you are most interested in.

Happy learning and here’s to better profits!

Single Level Membership

Setting up single level a membership foundation (6:53)

Setting up the site to working in private mode (15:28)

Working in private mode (2:46)

Setting content access permissions (8:34)

Testing user permissions (4:44)

Improving members’ experience with simple design customization (6:34)

How to theme your member login and profile pages (9:07)

Multi Level Membership

Setting up multi level membership foundation (8:36)

Defining content access permissions for each level Path 1 (10:03)

Testing multi level user permissions (6:05)

Customizing design to improving members’ experience Part 1 (8:49)

Customizing design to improving members’ experience Part 2 (3:39)

Defining content access permissions for each level Path 2 (5:42)

Fixed Term Membership

Introduction to fixed term membership sites (3:10)

Setting up fixed term membership foundation (3:55)

Unlocking content over time (6:11)

Testing and wrapping up the membership site (4:51)

Advanced Techniques

Using Wishlist API to unlock more cool features (11:46)

Tip for quicker plugin setup (1:25)

Adding A Forum

Installing a forum for private coaching (12:37)

How to create private forums for each member (8:45)

Installing a forum in a multi level membership site (19:13)

Defining access permissions for each membership level (4:14)

Delavo Shopping Cart

Delavo is a fantastic, super-feature rich shopping cart that we use here at TechBasedTraining. In fact, it runs our entire business. And you can get it free right here.

What is Delavo and why use it? (4:28)

Connecting Wishlist and Delavo to create single level membership site checkout process (15:24)

Connecting Wishlist and Delavo to create fixed term (sequential) membership site checkout process (4:45)

PayPal Connection

Connecting Wishlist and PayPal to create a seamless checkout process (7:12)

Additional Resources

Codes (.txt)

Setup Kits

If you aren’t familiar with setup kits, they are special WordPress packages that will help you setup WordPress, theme, insert content and activate selected plugins automatically. All you need to so is download these packages, install WordPress manually (using these WP kit files) and the theme, content, plugins will be ready for you to use or further customize. It saves a ton of work. Note, WP must be set up manually and must be new installation.

*Note: These kits are using 2.9.3 because we have not been able to successfully run WordPress 3.0 with Wishlist. When we can do so and are able to test it all out, the kits will be updated. See, we take care of you 😉

Single Level Membership Site

Multi Level Membership Site

Fixed Term Membership Site


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