January 24

Capture And Save Affiliate IDs Into Aweber


In this Lab session, we set up an aweber subscription form in such a way if the subscriber is sent to the subscription form by an affiliate, the ID would be captured, entered and saved into Aweber.

Doing this allows you to send promotional emails to your list using your affiliates’ ids. For example, create free webinars where affiliates would retain their commissions after the webinar is turned into a paid product. While it is true customers who are referred by an affiliate will be cookied to them without you having to do all this, but sometimes people need to clear their browser cache for whatever reason. Affiliate cookies are discarded when they do that. Also, if you have the ID in your list, it ensures that the affiliate gets credit for the sale long after the cookie has expired.

Watch the Lab recording (25:02)

Right click, Save As to download the Lab recording (MP4 – can be viewed with a software like VLC)

A step-by-step check list is also available here.


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