September 28

User Directory or Listing – Low Tech Method


This is a video recording of a one-on-one call with a member who needed some assistance in setting up a very small ‘directory’ or listing of users (authors) of a site.

You get to watch as we figure out the best way to get this done fast without a lot of coding. This is all done live so you can also witness the thought process and decisions made to end up with the solution we did. There are many ways you can approach a directory listing and a lot of it depends on how many members there are, how often the members will change and how much control you want to give the author.

The solution we came up with was quick, easy to implement for somewhat static users, perfect for that particular client in question. TechBasedTraining will be working on a more comprehensive training to cover other methods that are more┬áscale-able. If you’re in a pinch, watch this.

Click to watch part 1 (14:00)

Click to watch part 2 (16:01)

Click to watch part 3 (16:37)


[S3 text=Directory page template][/S3]

[S3 text=Extended user information code][/S3]


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