March 2

Kickstart WP 2 Day Intensive Workshop


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[wptabtitle]Workshop Recording[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]The two day workshop lasted a total of 2 1/2 hours. That’s a lot to put in this space so I’ve split them up into smaller chunks you can watch a few minutes at a time. This also helps you jump directly to the part you are interested in without wasting your time. To access workshop recordings, click the links below.

Day One – setting up your WordPress site in a secure fashion, installing themes, plugins and customizing your design.

Day Two – Creating a static home page, blog page and customized landing page for lead capture with no sidebars and logos

Note: Download links are also found at the bottom of each video if you prefer to download the videos. You can simply click to download if that plays the video instead, try right clicking the link then selecting “Save As”. Videos are in MP4 format and is usually playable using Quicktime or Windows Media Player 12 and above.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]Create Practice Site[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Create Your Practice Site

As promised, you get access to an account on our servers so you can familiarize yourself with WordPress and practice designing with our recommended tools. The best thing about the practice site, there is no installation or domain name required. Just create your account and you will get a WordPress site. You can even play around with available themes and options while waiting for class. Click the button below to get started.

Create Practice Site Account


[wptabtitle]Practice Site FAQ’s[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]

Can I keep my practice site and use Kickstart WP as my web site host?

Yes, we do not charge you anything to keep your site and even use. However, because we are not in the web hosting business, please note there will be no support for issues outside the scope of the workshop. E.g. How do I create an email address? How do I use FTP? How to upload my own plugins? or any uptime guarantees.

Can I export my content to set up on my web host?

Absolutely! Your content belongs to you and you may export all content in your practice site at no charge by going to Tools > Export.

Can I export my entire practice site including the theme and edits?

Yes. However, because Builder and its child themes are commercial themes which we have no distribution rights, we require you show us proof of ownership of the Builder theme. If you purchased Builder independently (not through our affiliate link), we’d be happy to export and securely install your site on your own web host for a fee of $50. If you have not purchased Builder or purchased Builder through our affiliate link, we will be happy to export and install your site on your own web host at no cost to you (valid for only one site).


[wptabtitle]Resources and Links[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Here are some tools that we use to help us piece our sites together. Some are used more often than others depending on the project, but they are all part of our toolbox.

How to use FTP – for times when your web host will not allow you to upload via cPanel or complains that the WordPress package contains a virus (it doesn’t)

iTheme Builder – officially this is called a theme but it does so much more than that. This is a great framework and something we use almost exclusively, even though we own developer access to other themes. Builder is simply much faster.

Reliable Webs – Even though you a practice site, we are not web hosts and do not encourage you to keep your site on our practice server. If you need web hosts, these are two we use. They have the same cPanel hosting so it’s much easier to apply what you learn in class if you go with that.

Quick Web Creations – This is the tool used to create the text graphic logo in class. We often use it to create headers for content only sites that don’t require a sophisticated logo but yet want it to look great.[/wptabcontent]

[wptabtitle]What Next?[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]Congrats! If you followed along during the workshop, your site is complete! You are now ready to move on to the next module.

If you purchased the “Selling Digital Content With WordPress” upgrade, start reviewing the module now.






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Leave a Reply
  1. Help, Help I am unable to upload the download to my domain.
    1. When you open cpanel and click on file manager a pop up box ask what about directory selection what is the answer there?
    2. I keep getting a virus error when I try to upload through file manager.
    What could I be doing wrong???

    Tina Landa

    1. Hi Tina,
      1. The defaults should be good. So you shouldn’t have to select anything special there. This doesn’t affect the install process. cPanel simply wants to know which folder to open when you get in there.
      2. Some web hosts falsely identifies the WordPress package as containing a virus but it doesn’t. In a case like this you only have two options

      a. Speak to the web host to relax some of their settings so you can upload the standard WordPress pack without errors (a lot of web hosts won’t budge on this but it’s worth a try)
      b. Learn to use FTP. This is actually the best way to upload files and not just for WordPress but any files because you will never run into limitations and also web hosts security issues. Do you know how to work an FTP program?

  2. Also, I scanned the file with my AVG on my desktop and it is not picking up a virus. I am hosted with momwebs. So, one other question if we follow directions for securing the database are we still secure if we load wordpress through fantastico or the other super…..? I want the most secure install which is why I want to learn the right way but I am having difficulty, 🙁

    Tina Landa

    1. Because it doesn’t contain any. It’s the hosts’ antivirus giving a false positive.

      No matter what you do NEVER use Fantastico. If you want to, you can use Softaculous. It is not as vulnerable as Fanstastico, but the database it creates is still not as ‘tight’ as I like it to be. You can still apply other parts of the security steps like not using admin, adding salts to your wp-config.php. You just won’t be able to hit all the options we talked about.

      1. OK, I had taken another course not too long ago but I don’t remember learning FTP I think we used Fantastico. My long term goal is to offer VA Services including wordpress install, maintenance, and building sites for clients. I want it to be secure. Do you have a lesson that is not terrible expensive so that I can learn FTP. I will look through my other resources to see what I have, I am in Clicknewz and NAMS Forum Member, maybe something there.

        After I figure out the FTP install of wordpress package then I would load builder using your videos, correct?

        Thanks Lynette, I am freaking out but will calm down… 🙂

        Tina Landa

        1. Hi Tina, I’m so glad you helped me understand the context of how you will be using your skills it does matter a lot. In this case I’d highly recommend you learn how to use FTP because when you are working for clients they would likely expect you to know that. Besides FTP is handy for many other things not just WordPress.

          Let me see what I can dig up or whip up for you as far as using FTP goes. Be back with an update tomorrow and don’t worry it’s a small glitch 🙂

            1. Lynette,

              Thanks so much, you are brilliant and awesome! The videos worked!!!!! WordPress is officially securely installed on my practice site now I can do it all again on!!! Yippie!

              Thanks again,

              Tina 🙂

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