July 1

Set Up a New Email Account in cPanel


Objective: to set up a new email account in cPanel

  • STEP 1: Open cPanel

    • In your browser, type the cpanel address (http://www.YOURDOMAINNAME/cpanel)

    • Enter your login and password for this account

  • STEP 2: Set up Email

    • Click the Mail icon in cPanel

Setup email 1

    • Select Add/Remove/Manage Accounts

Setup email 2

    • Click Add Account

Setup email 3

    • Enter the new address and password

    • Set Quota

      • How much mail the box can hold (defaults to 10 megs)

    • Click Create

      • Use the Go Back link to get back to the previous page

Setup email 4

  • STEP 3: Log Out

    • Log out by going to File -> Exit


cpanel, Email

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