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Set Up An eBay Auction


Objective: To set up an ebay auction.

Note: You must already have an account created.

Short, Simple Way

  • STEP 1: Short & Simple Way

  • Go to eBay

  • Click on Sell

  • Enter a short description of the item

  • Click Start Selling

ebay auction 1

  • Sign in to your account

ebay auction 2

STEP 2: Create Listing

  • Enter a descriptive title for your item (if you didn’t in step 1)

  • Select the category that best describes your item

  • Add photos of your item. The first photo is free, each additional photo costs 15 cents.

  • Describe your item. Include things like color, size, condition, features, whether you allow returns, etc

  • Set your auction bidding price & how many days the auction should run

  • Enter shipping details

  • Enter your paypal address

  • Block Buyers: You can block buyers with a Feedback Score of -1 or less or 2 Unpaid Item Strikes (payment defaults) in the last 30 days, or buyers that don’t have PayPal accounts. Check or Uncheck this depending on what you want to do.

ebay auction 3

ebay auction 4

ebay auction 5

ebay auction 6

Longer, Customized Way

Follow Step 1 instructions & select the “Customize Your Listing” option

  • STEP 2: Enter Item Details

  • Select a category that best describes your item

ebay auction 7

  • Enter a Title for your item – adding a subtitle will cost you 50 cents

  • Describe your item; product type, the year it was made, the condition, etc

  • Add a photo. The first one is free, after that they cost 15 cents each.

ebay auction 8

ebay auction 9

  • Enter a more complete description of the item. Include things like color, size, condition, features, whether you allow returns, etc

ebay auction 10

  • To make your items stand out more, you can add custom theme or picture layout

  • Enter the starting price, the quantity of items you have and how long the auction should run.

ebay auction 11

  • If you want to give additional ways for buyers to reach you, enter them under the “add contact details”

  • Select how you would like to be paid

ebay auction 12

  • You can enter specific shipping details or let the shipping wizard calculate it

  • Click Continue when you’re finished entering the item details

ebay auction 13

  • STEP 3: Customize Listing

    • Make your listing stand out with various options on this page. Note that these options will cost you extra.

ebay auction 14

ebay auction 15

  • STEP 4: Preview & Review

    • Preview your listing and review your fees to ensure they are acceptable

    • If acceptable, click Continue to pay your fees and start your auction

ebay auction 16

Repeat for each auction you wish to start.


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