February 8

Setup Account in Mailwasher


Objective: to manually add new accounts in MailWasher.

STEP 1: Open MailWasher.

Click shortcut icon on desktop or
Click Start > All Programs > MailWasher > MailWasher

STEP 2: Logon to Your Server

  • Enter user name (e.g., username@whatever.com)
  • Enter your password
  • Click OK

STEP 3: Set Up an Account

  • Click Tools > Accounts
  • Choose Add.
  • Select Account Type & Click OK
  • Name Your Account & Choose Next
  • Leave the checkmark next to the “include this account in default mail check” if you want this address automatically checked each time the program is run. Otherwise, you can manually check it separately.
  • Enter POP3 Server Address, User Name & Password.
  • Click Next.

This next option is for bouncing and outgoing mail. You must enter an outgoing email address. This allows you to recover emails that were accidentally deleted. You do not have to choose to enable bounces.

  • Enter Email Address & Click OK.
  • When You Get To This Screen, Choose Close

The account is now set up. All you do to check your mail is to click Check Mail as shown below

STEP 4: Exit MailWasher

To close the program, either click the X in the top right corner or choose File > Exit


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