October 5

Watch Me Customize: Minimum Child Theme Access


In this training module, you get to watch me customize the Minimum Child Theme and take from its current existence to a plugin marketplace. To watch, click the links below. The video will display in a popup. If you are on a slow connection, please be patient as it might take the video a minute or two to start. Because the videos are produced in HD, the files are much larger than our regular training.

Watch these in sequence


  • [S3 bucket=m.techbasedtraining.com/otss/genesis-minimum text=Download the customized child theme]tbp.zip[/S3] (Updated! If you downloaded before 10/14/2011 please download again.)
    Please be aware, because we relied heavily on widgets to create the home page and certain stylesheet rules were created specifically for our site, your home page will not look like what it is in the videos or our site. The good news is, it is very simple to use widgets to re-create what we have done in the video.
  • [S3 bucket=m.techbasedtraining.com/otss/genesis-minimum text=Grab the visual editing cheat sheet]minimum-visual-cheat-sheet.pdf[/S3] (Right click save as to download)
  • Genesis Framework
  • PsPad
  • Firebug for Firefox
  • Gimp
  • GoGVO for web hosting


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