January 4

aMember Doesn’t Sync Users With 3rd Party Script

The problem: You have existing users, and install a third party plugin like phpBB or WordPress into aMember. In each product record, you tell aMember to add members into the 3rd party scripts. But members still do not have access and sometimes the account isn’t even created inside the 3rd party script.

Solution: Adding a 3rd party script to the product does not automatically update the records of existing members. You must Rebuild Database to populate the 3rd party script with your existing users.

*Note: When you rebuild your database, it will also update and ‘correct’ any member’s accounts based on the settings in the products and what people have purchased. If you manually ‘fixed’ members’ accounts in phpBB or WordPress, aMember may override these manual settings so you have to check those accounts.


membership, phpbb, WordPress

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